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Why Participate in No Mow May?

No Mow May leaders across the Midwest share why you should join them in this movement to protect pollinators.

Midwest Grows Green (MGG) will lead No Mow May (NMM) efforts across the Midwest. This includes No Mow May Milwaukee and an April 13th presentation with Sierra Club Northwest Cook County. You likely will walk by a yard participating in NMM this year. Below, MGG asks individuals and organizations what NMM is and why they plan to participate:

Why is your group participating in No Mow May?

“To bring awareness to the importance of pollinators and help bolster pollinator populations.” – Renee Rollman, The Greenfield Polllinator Protection Committee.

Our organization is focused on protecting our water resources. Vegetation encouraged during NMM of native plants and trees absorb more water than traditional landscaping options like turf grass. ” – Jay Feiker, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.

“To introduce the community to ways of thinking about residential lawns and public spaces as important natural habitat for all types of insects, birds and plants.” – Joe Shaffer, Village of Shorewood’s Conservation Committee

“We believe that NMM efforts and participation is a great introduction and first step towards being kind to invertebrates in your yard, which is incredibly important on a larger scale.” – Maggie Steinhauer, Urban Ecology Center 

“It’s not just about not mowing. It’s about how we can each make a positive environmental impact in our own spaces.” – Anne O’Connor, Whitefish Bay Garden Club

What plant or plants would you recommend for my yard if I want to participate in NMM?

Meadow Blazing Star” – Rollman.

“I personally love bergamot or early sunflower.” – Feiker.

Butterfly Weed.  This was chosen as Shorewood’s Official Native Plant in 2012.” – Shaffer

“Between False Indigo and Blue Giant Hyssop.” – Steinhauer.

Milkweed! We’ve been giving away this monarch friendly plant to support butterflies.”- O’Connor

How can I get involved further in NMM? Is your group hosting any NMM events?

“Attend our Pollinator Palooza on Saturday, May 20th! Our theme is “Year of the Monarch” in recognition of this species’ introduction to the endangered species list and all Shorewood’s Monarch protection initiatives such as our Monarch Waystations.” – Shaffer.

“We will host a number of sustainable landscaping and green infrastructure workshops from now until No Mow May.” – Feiker.

“RSVP for our webinar with MGG’s Ryan Anderson titled “No Mow May – Virtual Backyard Naturalist Series” on April 21st.” – Steinhauer.

“Yes, we always participate in Bay Day (formerly Green Day in the Bay) in early May with education and give-aways.” -O’Connor.

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