Request Sustainable Landscaping Assistance!

MGG can offer technical assistance for the implementation, improvement and marketing of natural lawn care and Sustainable landscaping transitions. 

This program offers the following services to your park district, school district, municipality or other entity:

Sustainable Landscaping Audit

The MGG team reviews your turf and landscape management policies, strategies and practices.  The audit includes a set of recommendations to limit, reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on all grounds. 

Field Assessment and Management Plan

MGG will develop a report that details strategies to implement all or the majority of the recommendations presented in the Sustainable Landscaping Audit for high-use parks of your choice. The MGG Team will determine these strategies based on extensive soil testing, site mapping, photo documentation and site monitoring.

Quarterly Check-in Calls

MGG will check in with your staff for three years to ensure adherence to the management plan, troubleshoot potential turf quality or weed and pest problems and track overall project progress.

Community Engagement Support

MGG will organize 1-2 public education events, interpretive signage, annual press releases and 5-10 social media post suggestions.

Interested in these services?

Great! We just need to know a couple of details about the park or parks that you hope to transition. Please fill out our Technical Assistance request form at  Thank you!

More Questions

Contact Ryan Anderson at or 773-878-8245