Midwest Grows Green

Three programs, one brand, one goal. 

Midwest Grows Green (MGG) is a collective of community-based lawn and landscape care initiatives, which are identified by our distinctive orange MGG stamp and unified by a single message – protect people, pets and the environment by practicing natural lawn care. Our three distinct programs are point-of-purchase, pesticide-free parks and community engagement. Each program is available for communities to adopt individually or in any combination.

Point-of Purchase

This partnership with local retailers connects homeowners to eco-friendly products at the point-of-purchase to empower them to reduce their use of harmful pesticides. Learn More!

Pesticide-Free Parks

Bring a pesticide-free park to your community to protect the environment and create safer places for people and pets to play. Learn More!

Community Engagement

MGG can help you engage your community on natural lawn care practices to keep your yards beautiful without the use of harmful pesticides. Learn More!