Visit our six new Pesticide-Free Parks!

Six parks, 28 turfgrass acres, will eliminate synthetic pesticide and fertilizer use this year thanks to work by MGG and partners.

MGG’s Natural Lawn Care Technical Assistance program and Stonyfield Organic’s #PlayFree program  invite you to visit, play and enjoy our combined six parks managed naturally.  Read more about each below:

Chicago Park District’s Grant and Sherman Parks

“Chicago’s Front Yard” will receive an organic “face-lift” on the Museum Campus thanks to funds from Stonyfield Organic! Last fall, organic lawn care expert Chip Osborne sampled the soil and documented the turfgrass condition of the Field Museum’s 2.23 acre front lawn at Grant Park.  Using this information, Osborne submitted a three year organic lawn care management plan for the space to the Chicago Park District (CPD).  Osborne, also, conducted similar work on nine acres of the historic Sherman Park in the south side New City community. Read more about these transitions via the CPD dandelion campaign press release.

City of Grand Rapids’ Sixth St and Canal Parks

The City of Grand Rapids wants residents to enjoy a safer and cleaner Grand River this year by curbing nearby pollution at the 2.8-acre Canal Park and 4.6-acre Sixth St Park.  MGG’s NLC Technical Assistance program helped the City add these two parks to their collection of six Pesticide-Free Parks.  Synthetic chemical reduction at these parks aide large-scale City initiatives such as the River for All project that strives to restore the rapids to the Grand River and waterfront, ensuring it remains a healthy, safe and vibrant resource for all to enjoy. Learn more from our Grand Rapids Grows Green press release.

River Forest Park District’s Keystone Park East

River Forest Park District (RFPD) requested assistance from MGG this year to improve the performance of turfgrass at Keystone Park East’s soccer field and two ballfields without synthetic chemicals. Parts of the athletic fields will receive 35 cubic yards of Green Soils Management compost this spring to reduce compaction and flooding conditions caused by the heavy clay soil.  Compost topdressing should condition the soil for improved turfgrass rooting. Interested? Catch up on our Keystone Park East press release here.

City of Elgin’s Lords Park

Four turfgrass acres on City of Elgin’s historic Lords Park will eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers this year thanks to MGG support.  This effort aligns with many objectives outlined by the Sustainability Action Plan adopted by the Elgin City Council in 2011.  In the fall, the City will apply 100 cubic yards of Green Soils Management compost to improve Lords Park’s soil quality. See the video overview of this project here or read the press release at

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