Hello from Valerie McGoldrick

Hello Midwest Grows Green supporters and partners,

I am incredibly excited to be representing MGG during Ryan’s leave. I firmly believe in the mission of MGG! Ryan and all of you have done incredible work over the years! I have loved learning about all the parks that have been transitioned to organic, and all the other projects that have been done.

I first learned about the organic movement in high school when I started working on an organic vegetable farm and it just made sense to me. From there I attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville. I have a degree in Soil/Crop Science and Environmental Horticulture.  My soil science classes and plant health classes made it clear that through proper care for the land pesticides are not necessary. I have worked at a botanical garden and at a zoo as a horticulturist. Where I was able to practice firsthand gardening on a large scale through mostly organic methods! I’m also passionate about engaging people in environmental conservation and horticulture. MGG combines both of my passions!

I am also the community IPM Coordinator for the IPM Institute of North America. I work on our school integrated pest management programs. I also work on our Green Shield Certification. Which is a certification in integrated pest management for pest control companies, museums, structural pest control, and facility pest control.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me! If you have a topic you want to be covered in a future blog post, please let me know. I want to make sure everyone is enjoying this blog.


Valerie McGoldrick