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Glyphosate loses this one but still a long way to go!

A San Francisco district court reached a historic decision last Friday. Monsanto must pay $289 million to one man, Dewayne Johnson, suffering from terminal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for misleading the public on the safety of their products that contain the toxic chemical glyphosate, Ranger Pro and RoundUp.

More than 450 lawsuits regarding the health effects and safety of glyphosate will follow. Monsanto and its new owner, Bayer, will appeal this decision. It could be years before Mr. Johnson receives the money owed to him and even longer for state and federal policy to regulate the chemical, if at all.

You can keep following the glyphosate and cancer hearings via our Facebook or Twitter, but now is the best time to act locally.  The Midwest Pesticide Action Center leads and hosts discussions and demonstrations of the solutions and alternatives to glyphosate in our landscapes. Whether through our Midwest Grows Green (MGG) pledge that provides monthly information to urban homeowners. Or our MGG Lawn & Land Forum that fosters peer-to-peer learning of these alternatives to park and large turf managers.

We continue to develop a future Midwest landscape that will not require these harmful chemicals, but we need your support! MGG’s biggest day of the year occurs on Monday, October 29th in Milwaukee. In one day, the MGG Lawn & Land Forum hosts its annual workshop followed by a fundraiser. We ask that you email your local park or school district about our workshop (registration at and share with your friends our MGG Healthy Lawns Fundraiser (tickets at

Can’t make either of these events? No worries you can still donate to a pesticide free future at the MGG Healthy Lawns Fundraiser registration or our website.  Thank you!