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Reducing Climate Impact

Here in the Midwest, climate change causes warmer temperatures, heavier rainstorms, more frequent and severe droughts, and earlier plant blooms.  These changes make it increasingly difficult to maintain and enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces.

However, our lawns and gardens are not just victims of climate change: the practices and products we use to maintain our outdoor spaces such as over-watering, fertilizer use, and weed killer applications, all contribute to the production of greenhouse gas emissions. Midwest Pesticide Action Center seeks to engage the community in efforts to have the least possible impact on climate change.

Each of us can do something about climate change right now, starting in our own backyards.

Midwest Grows Green

Midwest Pesticide Action Center created the Midwest Grows Green initiative to help educate residents on maintaining their lawns and gardens in a climate friendly and toxic-free way.

Chicago contributes roughly 34.6 million metric tons of heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere each year. Add the six surrounding counties and this number increases to 103 million metric tons. To put it in perspective, the Chicago area accounts for nearly half the total emissions of Illinois.

Summer of 2015 marked the launch of the Midwest Grows Green initiative in Chicago and surrounding communities with four participating retail stores.

Through the Midwest Grows Green initiative, Midwest Pesticide Action Center partners with hardware stores and home and garden centers in Cook County to provide:

  • Useful information to customers and staff on how to reduce emissions through safe lawn-care practices.
  • Workshops, videos, and printed materials to retailers in order to help customers make environmentally friendly lawn and garden choices.
  • The knowledge that customers need to make informed decisions on buying tools and products that solve the problem at hand but also promote a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Click on the image on the right to view the map of participating retailers.



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