Midwest Grows Green Week

May 7th to May 14th, 2022

More info? Contact MGG’s Ryan Anderson at randerson@ipminstitute.org

MGG Week Events include

Tuesday, May 10th, Noon to 2 pm CST 

Securing support for your sustainable landscaping project: In need of funds or support for your next pesticide elimination or native planting project? This session will provide a crash course into planning and receiving funding for your project.  Registration at bit.ly/MGGmay10.

Thursday, May 12th, Noon to 2 pm CST 

Design, installation and maintenance characteristics of a GSC service or landscape: MGG and landscaping professionals share pest and weed management practices and strategies that demonstrate proficiency in IPM, sustainable landscaping or organic landscaping. Webinar attendees will leave with the necessary tools to pursue GSC for Landscapes for their company or managed landscapes. Registration at bit.ly/MGGmay12

MGG Week Sponsors include:

Pro Time Lawn Seed