Help repeal pesticide preemption in Illinois!

Right now in Illinois, only the state government can regulate, limit, or ban private pesticide use, sales, handling, and disposal. Municipalities and other local authorities cannot legally limit the private use of pesticides such as bee-killing neonicotinoids, because of pesticide preemption.

Repealing preemption at the state level allows your local authority to better control the toxicity of and exposure to harmful products being used in your community.

Visit our partner Go Green Oak Park’s website for more information on pesticide preemption in Illinois.

Here are 5 steps to support the fight to end pesticide preemption in the state of Illinois:

1. Share this webpage ( with others in your community.
2. Download the petition and resolution templates.
3. Create a campaign with the petition.
4. Select a public official from your community to receive the petition (Mayor, Board Chair, etc.).
5. Contact MPAC’s Ryan Anderson ( to help advertise and for next steps.